Who might be there for you in an emergency? Today’s a good day to nurture your relationship with them, just in case.

Businesses know they must maintain the systems and equipment they have in case of emergency. Fire extinguishers should be checked and topped up. Security alarms must be tested on a regular basis. Staff need to participate in fire drills to ensure that everyone knows how to evacuate safely and quickly.

I definitely don’t want to make you feel guilty, but I wonder if there’s perhaps someone in your life that you take a bit for granted? You know, I think we can all do this at times.


Maybe there’s a friend you hope you’d be able to rely on in a crisis? Or a member of your family who you’re certain would be there for you if it all turned to custard?

People like this are important all the time, but specially so if the going gets tough, so I’m certain it makes sense to nurture your relationship with them. It’s not just in case you need help, of course, but that’s certainly a consideration.

What’s more, if you rely on them, they probably depend on you too – so a spot of two-way maintenance never goes amiss.

An email or phone call can be a good start, but there’s no substitute for meeting (and connecting) face to face if you can.

How about it?

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