On being kind.

All things considered, do you tend to think of yourself as a kind person?

Most of us would probably see ourselves in this way.

But even the kindest person can sometimes behave in a very unkind way to one individual in their life.

This person?


We sympathise with others, yet criticise ourselves.

We’re patient with others, impatient with ourselves.

Tolerant of others, unforgiving of ourselves.

So if you find yourself treating yourself unkindly today, please stop.

It’s not unreasonable to be kind to yourself, it really isn’t.

It’s only fair.

One thought on “On being kind.

  1. Too true, Jon! Well said. Guilty as charged, me!! 😞
    But thanks for the succinct, punchy reminder 😀. I love the photo/ picture of the girl/ mirror, too!

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