On the menu today.

When you go out to a restaurant, what sort of decision-maker are you?

Some people delight in studying every line of the menu, cooking up a mental picture of each dish on it.

I’m afraid I fall into the other camp, which generally involves pointing at the first item that comes into focus.

The thing is, we generally expect to be offered a choice in a restaurant.

Mind you, I can recall several spectacular meals when I’ve left the decision to the waiter or chef. If you’re brave enough to do it, and the establishment is brave enough to let you, you may just end up with something delectable.

My point today, however, isn’t really about letting go of the decision-making process. It’s more to do with the idea of choice itself, which I reckon can apply to the way you decide to think about your everyday life, just as much as it does to the way you select what to order in a restaurant.

So why do we, all too often, act as though there’s a single solitary way of viewing everything life throws at us?

More often than not, you do actually have the power to choose your reaction.

Perhaps that’s something to bear in mind the next time something untoward happens.

Pass the emotional menu, please.

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