Today is your once in four years day

They refer to something that only happens once every four years as Quadrennial, and just like the Olympic Games and the US Presidential Election, today is one of these once-in-48-months days.

February 29th. Leap Day.

A month ago I rashly promised that my book would be available today, and of course I now have to rather sheepishly admit that it’s all taking a bit longer than planned.


Fingers crossed, it should be out in March, though, so not too long to wait now.

Missed publishing dates aside, I was (and am) keen to encourage you to mark this gift of a day in some special way.

Imagine what you’d do if your fairy godmother granted you a “free” day – an extra day of life.

What would you do with it?

And what could you do today – your extra day?

I’m sure it will need, at least to some extent, to be a day like many others in your life.

I imagine you’ll have things that are expected of you.

You’ll have routines and commitments.

But let’s propose a thought experiment.

Imagine you didn’t have them.

Think about what you’d choose to do.

Then see if you can’t build at least a little of this into your day.

Maybe you’d choose to laze around with a book all day?

Try to fit in a brief reading session as a gift to yourself, even if it’s only for 20 minutes.

Perhaps you’d want to spend your day with friends?

If you can’t actually get together with them, at least treat yourself to a proper chat with a friend on the phone.

You won’t have a day like today for another four years.

Why not make the most of it?

One thought on “Today is your once in four years day

  1. Your book will be ready when it is ready…there will be so many readers. Your words are a lifeline, I believe, to millions. Or should be. Your words with Moodnudges are so healthy and simple and clear. They are healing words.

    I am a retired CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) social worker. Enjoy your Moodnudges, will buy your book. Thank you for your words.

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