If just one flower wilts, don’t discard the whole vase.

A while ago I spoke to Ali, a friend who has an intriguing take on things.

Like a lot of people, Ali loves having a vase of flowers in her home.

She told me:

‘If there are seven in the vase and one dies, I take it out and throw it away so I can carry on enjoying the other six.’

‘I wouldn’t throw away the whole bunch because one was ruined, would I?’

‘In the same way, if I have a bad day I write it off as a failure at the end, but I don’t give up on the rest of the week.’

‘That would be like throwing out all seven flowers at once, wouldn’t it?’

What a lovely suggestion.


When something (or some day) goes wrong, there can be a tendency to catastrophise, to assume that the whole house of cards is crashing down, when in reality the damage is generally only limited.

Too right Ali.

Better a vase six-sevenths full, rather than an empty one.

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