Can organizing bring peace?

I’m starting a new project this week. It has about seven parts to it, and each part has multiple sub-parts.

It was feeling too big in my mind, and generating anxiety, so I did some googling for tools that could help me get all the parts out of my head and into some organized structure.

I found a very simple, colorful app that’s surprisingly useful, so I wanted to share it with you. It’s free, from Google, and it’s called Keep.


It took less than an hour to untangle my mental knot into beautifully colored sections. And now that all my notes and tasks are organized, my mind can rest and be more at peace.

I wonder if it might help you, at times that feel chaotic, to add a little bit of order to your day?

With love and hugs,
Alexandra 🙂

3 thoughts on “Can organizing bring peace?

  1. Hi Alex, yes I’m with you on this one. I definitely find I’m in a much better place when my life is in order and I know where I’m at.

  2. As a ‘ listoholic’ , shopping, motorhoming, cooking the list goes on. Have to have a list for my lists. Brilliant app, thanks v much.

    PS love the Moodnudges, been a great solice to a new member of the Carers Club.
    Keep up the good work – Moodnudges is top of my list of things to each day. Can’t wait for the next!!

    Best Wishes


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