Shrove Tuesday – pancakes with a dash of self-examination

March 13th is Shrove Tuesday, and Mardi Gras. In the UK this means pancakes, while in the USA Mardi Gras is a time to make merry. Any excuse.

Actually, though, some religions view the day as a special time for self-examination, so perhaps this is a good time to look a little deeper inside yourself, being careful of course to avoid rumination.

Neuroscientist and mindfulness expert Dr. Daniel Siegel recommends a strategy he calls COAL (Curious, Open, Accepting, and Loving) to keep things on track.

So where will self-exploration take you today? What are you thinking about Signpost?

And, anyone for pancakes? [Yes please. Ed.]

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2 thoughts on “Shrove Tuesday – pancakes with a dash of self-examination

  1. Signpost is amazing with its accuracy and efficacy so far. Jon’s recent addition of timely notations brings a freshness and immediacy to the experience. What a lot of work for Jon! Signpost in trial is a pleasant surprise and very useful in both tracking and lifting my daily outlook. Wow! Thanks, Jon!

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