How your passwords could give you a lift.

Research in 2015 showed that the most popular password in a sample of more than 3.3 million was 123456.

The second most-used, believe it or not, was “password.”


In spite of this, people are actually becoming more security-minded.

In 2011, around one in twelve computer users relied on “password” as their, er, password – but by last year the proportion had fallen drastically to just one in a hundred.

These days, your passwords may be saved in your web browser, so for some sites you may not need to enter them every time, but even so you probably type passwords several times a day.

So what could this possibly have to do with nudging your mood?

Well, let me make a suggestion.

Why not set your passwords in a way that they’ll give you a boost every time you type them?

Obviously, to be safe, passwords should contain a mixture of upper and lowercase characters, numerals and symbols – but underneath this system, it’s definitely possible to base your on a word or phrase that acts as an affirmation.

So, “You will be happier Sue” could become “uW1llBeH@pPier5uE” for example.

Be safe with your passwords, of course, but why not also be more positive?

After all y0UKn0w1tM@Ke5sEn5e.

8 thoughts on “How your passwords could give you a lift.

  1. It’s a good idea and it works … I did this with my team at work… For common files that only we should edit I set the passwords to things like Beh4ppy … Makes you smile at the thought 🙂

  2. Well even if I can’t change mine now…I’ve memorised them!!!!…next time I have to make a new one I will thnk of this…really made me smile today Jon, thank you!

  3. We are required at work to change passwords very regularly. My password is based around my next holiday destination or activity, (complicated by symbols). Usually easy to remember, and a little reminder every day at work of something to look forward to. If I start getting those messages ‘Your password expires in X days’ and there isn’t something planned to look forward to-then I have to commit and sort something out fast!

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