Strike up the Penfield Mood Organ.

The Penfield Mood Organ doesn’t actually exist, but it would be great if it did.

It appeared in the opening pages of the Philip K. Dick science fiction book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, on which the Ridley Scott movie Blade Runner was based.

(I know. That’s rather a lot of cultural references for a Wednesday.)

Anyway, the idea of the mood organ was that you could choose your mood and quite simply dial it in.

So, on the basis that you almost certainly do have more control of your mood than you might think, what would you like to dial up on your Penfield this morning?

Imagine it.

Live it.

6 thoughts on “Strike up the Penfield Mood Organ.

  1. This is a fun one ! I would mind using the dial today to be a little more calm! It’s spring fever time and I’ve caught it big time and would love to dial it back a bit!
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face this spring morning !

  2. OK… might sound a bit “cheesey” but for me – at least – ABBA was always feel good music, that was until my husband passed away and suddenly the lyrics took on a different meaning. Now after 8 years I can listen to them again and enjoy it……even do a little song & dance. ;–)

  3. Short and to the point!
    The sun is out, I’m mingling with peeps…I’ve dialled in cheerful into Penfold!

  4. What an interesting idea?
    Surely, most people would dial in ‘Happy’ and break off the dial?
    I wonder if you could get fed up with being Happy all the time?

  5. Just an added thought:
    “How on earth do books with the bizarre title of “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” ever get published?

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