Bumping into people you don’t know.

You don’t need to be a psychologist to recognise that having contact with other people is good for you.

At heart we’re social animals.

We thrive in the company of others.

The trouble is, we don’t always have the opportunity to be around other people every day.

(I know there will be some for whom even a moment of solitude and peace is a distant dream, but having recognised this, it’s possible to feel lonely even in the midst of other people – even surrounded by those you know well.)

Knowing now important social contact can be, it’s definitely worth remembering the principle that ‘every little counts’.

Walking along briskly the other day, an older lady stepped from the road onto the sidewalk in front of me and for the briefest of moments we did that thing where you try and avoid each other, but both end up going the same way.

In that tiny time we smiled at each other and gave a little chuckle.

No words were exchanged but it was a rewarding brief encounter.

Maybe you’ll be stuck at home all day, in which case a short phone call may have to do it for you.

But if you’re out and about, see if you can engineer one or two of these little, momentary interactions.

They keep you smiling long after they happen.

4 thoughts on “Bumping into people you don’t know.

  1. I have been sick for four weeks straight so no social intereraction whatsoever. I have cabin fever. On the days that I usually socialise its a great pick me up that lasts for hours.

  2. Totally agree, social connection makes life, it drags me from deepest despair even though I love my own space too but I know the damage it can do – been there done that xxxx

  3. This is true but personally I feel down and quite drained when I make the effort to socialise because I realise I’m doing all the work. It’s really a strain trying to organise things and when you take a break from it, you’re alone/isolated and the cycle continues. But social contact is so important.

  4. I’ve been in toooo long..partially of my own doing..long story. It’s very difficult to venture out but when I do the brief encounters aren’t as frightening as i believed them to be. I feel as though I’ve become socially awkward..but the pleasant woman at the cash register doesn’t seem to notice.

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