How to become your own personal mood trainer

The other day I was pondering on how great it might be to have a personal mood trainer.

In much the same way that people appoint personal trainers to pep up their fitness, I love the idea of having a coach who’d encourage you each day to accomplish the things that can lead to a healthier and happier mind.

Any good fitness trainer begins by assessing their ‘client’, then day by day gets them doing more and more.

One more push-up. Another minute of jogging. Another length of the pool.

Over time these small steps become large leaps. Bit by bit seems the way to go.

I think a mood coach might encourage you to adopt a similar approach. I believe they’d gently push you to take one more, perhaps small, initiative today than you did yesterday. The same tomorrow.

It might be even slower than that, incremental change happening over weeks rather than days.

I reckon that the key focus should be on upping your game a little at a time.

So what small step might make you feel the tiniest bit better today?

Why not try it?

Then just a little more of the same tomorrow.

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