Plan yourself some down time.

I may be the world’s worst when it comes to taking time out.

I wish I wasn’t, but something inside me seems to stop me stopping.

I know I’m not alone.

I’m certain you’ll have gone through this yourself from time to time.

But the thing is, when I do slow right down and take time off, the clarity of my thinking improves to an enormous extent.

Problems that seemed insurmountable appear much more manageable with the perspective afforded by a rested mind and a brain that’s no longer frazzled.

Often it’s not good enough to expect that an opportunity to rest will pop up by accident.

It needs to be planned, and put in your diary in indelible pen – just as if it was a vital appointment or a crucial meeting.

Don’t wait too long to do this for yourself.

I recall speaking to the wife of a retired clergyman who said that when she got home from the shops, her husband told her he’d booked them a fortnight’s vacation.

Now that’s the way to do it.

3 thoughts on “Plan yourself some down time.

  1. I have semi-retired in March. I am still trying to accept that it is fine to read for two hours in the middle of the day…….or do some important stuff at 11:00 at night and sleep in the next morning… is “”naughty”” and that’s why it is F U N!!

  2. Hi Jon
    Self care is so so important for our health and wellbeing, but more and more in todays society it is all too easy to forget to ‘make’ time for ourselves. There is a constant need to be busy and ‘doing’ . It seems like there is a feeling of competitive tiredness amongst us, as though you aren’t worthy unless you’ve been doing , doing, doing! That’s fine as long as what you are doing includes taking time out for ourselves, being in touch with the fun stuff in life, like when we were all kids having a lark. We must press the pause button occasionally and enjoy the things we take for granted around us , nature, art, wildlife.

  3. Some people equate busyness with “I have a purpose” and put too much on their plate. I purposely planned a day off today to be as lazy as possible, and it has really recharged me physically and mentally, but I find that If I had 4 days of nothing, I’d go crazy. It’s good to be active and doing something but not non stop.

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