Please do it your way

Some years ago, a well-known British funeral director’s business published a chart of the most popular contemporary songs chosen to be played at funerals, and at the top of the list was the Frank Sinatra version of Paul Anka’s song, ‘My Way’.

‘My Way’, of course, is about someone looking back as they come to the end of their life, but I’m certain there’s a lot to be said for a little reminiscence from time to time, anytime, as long as you neither become tied to the past nor stuck in it.

Sad though it may be, if a relationship has come to an end, there’s a lot to be said for remembering the good times you did have.

There are sure to be some.

And if you’re moving on from a project or job, perhaps things are easier if you can focus as much as possible on the pluses rather than on the minuses.

Above all, please remember that you’re unique.

There’s no one else on the planet quite like you.

So rather than behaving as you think you’re supposed to, or as you think others expect you too, be sure to be true to yourself.

Be sure to do things your way.

5 thoughts on “Please do it your way

  1. That My Way song really annoys me! Course it does, I’ve been a contrarian all my life and very often have been completely unable to do things my way. I think a lot of life is about compromise and sometimes irritatingly dealing with people who believe in My Way or The Highway! Trying to be true to yourself in the face of other people busy insisting you do it their way is a good idea and a life’s work. That’ll keep you busy!
    By the way I also consider Frank Sinatra to have been a real bad boy and he did what he did with some really bad men behind him.
    However, Jon, this is not to say I don’t really appreciate this post and a chance to air my opinion. In fact, it is a place where I feel safe to do so which if I were you I would take as a major compliment.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Jon. Relationships sometimes run their course and it is hard to make that decision to end them and start a new phase – this virtual push is what I need today, to be true to me and not to others’ expectations.

  3. I am just learning to open up and show the unique me without trying to sugar coat my opinions. Major progress for me. This is a great reminder to me to be my true self.

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