Taking a more positive approach

Walking to work after having a coffee the other morning, I briefly stopped by our local supermarket to pick up some groceries. As the guy on the checkout scanned my shopping, I asked him how his day had been so far.

“Really great,” he replied. “I’m alive, and I’m in good health.”


Now he said this in all seriousness, without the merest suggestion of it being platitudinous. And it really made me stop and think.

How easy it is to find fault with our lives. How easy to focus on what’s wrong and unwanted.

How hard it can be to recognise, instead, what’s good – for there almost always is something.

In 1857 the American writer Thoreau said “we find only the world we look for”. We might interpret this to mean that if we go through our day looking for only the bad, that’s probably how things will pan out.

Be like the Whole Foods cashier, however, and things could look very different.

It may not always be possible, but whenever you can, why not choose to take a more positive approach?

5 thoughts on “Taking a more positive approach

  1. You’re right it’s not always easy to look on the positive side. I always try to be a person that sees the glass 1/2 full not 1/2 empty but some days it’s so hard to be that way.

  2. So very true… I am going to aim to apply this principle to always look for my husband’s qualities and good points instead of trying to change his faults. Am I faultless myself anyway and he always loves me and cares for me as I am. Thanks for making me think deeper!

  3. Negativity exists in all of us from time to time. However, we can choose to feed it with more fear and negativity or we choose to find and create positive things in our lives to
    outweigh those negative events. The choice is ours to make.

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