The surprising power of human resilience.

I was on a bus a while ago, and three boys of about ten or eleven were sitting a couple of seats in front of me, chatting animatedly to each other.

Apparently two lived in the same home, one with his dad and the other with his mom/mum.

A very 21st century arrangement by all accounts, where a single dad and his son are now living with a single mother and her son.

To my eavesdropping ears it seemed a complex and potentially fraught situation.

Yet these two step-brothers, clearly comfortable in each other’s company and perfectly happy to explain things to their mate, were obviously more than OK about the whole thing.

Just getting on with it.

We can seem extraordinarily fragile at times, yet we can also be remarkably resilient.

Remember that the next time you’re going through a difficult time.

You’re probably not superhuman, but even we ordinary humans have our own super strengths.

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