Why it can help to put things away in boxes

You sometimes hear people say that they’re ‘closing the door’ on a certain incident, or a particular part of their life.

They’re putting it behind them, moving on from it.

Although closing the door is a figure of speech, it’s also something you physically do plenty of times a day.

Generally a good idea, too, if you want your valuables to be still there when you get home.

However I reckon you can link the physical action with its figure of speech meaning, whenever you need to.

It often makes sense to compartmentalise life so that certain parts are in certain boxes, and you’re not trying to cope with all your stuff all at once.

Gets tricky, that.

So if you’ve been worrying about something while you’ve been driving, literally tell yourself that you’ll leave it in the car as you shut the door.

If work’s getting to you, reassure yourself that you’re putting it behind you as the door closes at the end of the day.

Last one out? Lock it, and bolt it too.

2 thoughts on “Why it can help to put things away in boxes

  1. Sometimes we worry AT something…and sometimes it feels as if worry has got its claws into one’s mind to the point where unpleasant anxiety besets us. Often this is to do with wanting something or a state of affairs that we have not got, or holding onto something that we do not want to lose.

    Another (I think Buddhist) story I have found helpful when I am struggling to let go of something (or getting a worry to let go of me) is the story of villagers for whom monkies were a delicacy but difficult to catch. In order to facilitate their capture the villagers would place monkey pleasing delicacies in a fixed container with a narrow funnel.

    The monkey would put its hand inside to get the delicacies but would then discover they could not get their little hands out. They would get stuck and then caught by the villagers.

    All they had to do to save their lives was let go of the tasty morsel…and sometimes the wisest course for ourselves is to loosen our mental grip on wanting something that is keeping us in a harmful place.

  2. I recently boxed up some things I didn’t want to see any more and put them at the back of a wardrobe. Now I need to do it with my thoughts on the giver !

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