Random Acts of Kindness Day

I’d love to claim credit for having planned it this way, but the fact that the final day of our Signpost trial happens to have fallen on Random Acts of Kindness Day is – appropriately – entirely random.

Two weeks after we started this journey, we end it by being encouraged to do something unexpectedly kind for someone, perhaps anonymously.

I’ll be in touch with everyone who has taken part in the trial, with a link to a short survey that will enable me to gather overall feedback, but right now, perhaps you have thoughts about today’s message specifically? Do, please, share away.

12 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness Day

  1. Hi Jon for a few days now I have not been able to see graph results also today your message won’t play. Also i would like to change my user name how do i do that Thanks Shirley

  2. Love the philosophy behind random acts of kindness & will aim to take part today .

    Reflecting on Signpost trial which has been interesting & helpful for me, thank you.

    I also have some questions too so will wait for your email about evaluation.

  3. Thank you Jon… ah just love that it’s random acts of kindness day today – how Brilliant! I’ll definitely take part too. I’ve enjoyed the checkins – sorry it was just for a few days this week – & the reminder texts have been really helpful – thank you 🙏🏻

  4. By sheer coincidence the word “rak” in the Thai language means “love” !
    So the organisers of RAK have chosen a very appropriate anagram- as well as coming up with a great idea.

  5. Thanks so much for the trial Jon, I greatly enjoyed your audio messages, and they stuck with me during the day more than written messages have, and I was able to find times to implement some of the message suggestions which were helpful. I didn’t realise I was more audible than written. I will miss hearing your voice and checking in.

  6. I firstly want to say thank you for setting up Signpost. The audio feedback really helps me.

    I do hope you can keep it going.

    Once again well done, it has helped me a lot. Your imagination and commitment to others with MH issues is inspiring.

    1. I’m so happy to hear that you’ve found Signpost helpful, Katie. This weekend is a time for me to take stock of what’s happened over the past couple of very exciting weeks. I’m sure Signpost is here to stay – just need to work on an implementation plan.

      Thank you so much for joining in with the trial.

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