Even the hardest times are rarely pitch dark.

How do you react when things don’t go your way?

I’m afraid it’s ever so easy to become unrealistic in the way you reason.

You lose out in a competition, for instance, and you declare that you never win anything.

The train doesn’t turn up when it should, leading you to grumble that they’re always late.

You temporarily fall out with a friend, and then moan that nobody loves you.

You and I know that it’s rarely the case that things are permanently up the creek, yet when you’re feeling rough, you may be liable to slip into this unfortunate way of thinking.

I know I certainly can.


A good counsellor might challenge your assumptions.

She would ask you if it’s genuinely the case that you’ve won nothing whatsoever in your whole life, and you’d probably begrudgingly admit that, well, you did once come first in an egg and spoon race.

Unrealistic reasoning isn’t helpful, and it’s invariably helpful to interrogate yourself if you ever find yourself ruminating in this kind of way.

Almost certainly you’ve won something at some time.

You’ve experienced punctual trains.

And someone somewhere loves you.


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