Rather late in the day.

Oops. Confession time.

When I wrote my diary this morning, listing all I’d done yesterday, I realised with a start that I didn’t produce today’s moodnudge.

So it’s currently 8:30 AM in California, 4:30 PM in the UK, I’m only just writing it, actually sitting in the car, using the coffee shop’s wi-fi.

Shame on me.

Still, at least it’s going to be hot off the press.

Yesterday was a busy day, with lots of social contact, which I know was good for me.

I was also working on a brand-new project (top secret for now, but I’ll be able to talk about it soon – suffice to say, it is of course in the emotional health field).

I mention this as I noticed how easy it was for me to overlook my routines on a busy day, and it’s these routines that often underpin my life with a relatively secure foundation.

I wonder if you, too, sometimes experience this?

You become distracted by life’s other stuff, in the process neglecting what keeps you grounded and well (I had toast and marmalade for “dinner” last night – not a great choice, nutritionally–speaking.)

Let’s both keep this in mind today, making sure we pay proper attention to the routines and practices that keep us on track.

Right, I’m off for a medical examination right now.

Don’t think I’ll mention the toast and marmalade, though.

5 thoughts on “Rather late in the day.

  1. I can SO relate to what you are saying….my days have been like that recently and I, too, have gotten way off track, though I can’t say I’ve had toast and marmalade for dinner (but it would have tasted pretty good!). Sometimes my days have been so intense that when I went to bed at night it was hard to relax and turn off my racing mind. Meditation or thinking gratitude thoughts helped me then. We all have our ups and downs…sometimes there are busy and relaxed times, too. I love your posts, Jon, because they remind me of how important it is to be aware of my rhythms so they don’t overwhelm me.

  2. None of us are perfect Jon!
    Don’t beat yourself up (figuratively speaking, of course), we all get distracted from time to time.
    Keep up the good work and I’m sure we will all look forward to your latest project.
    You know you can tell me I wont tell anyone? Lol!

  3. I’m completely out of sorts at the moment as my routine went out the window before Christmas. I’m struggling to gain back my day, but I know I can’t do it properly until my husband is back at work. I love him to bits, but it’s hard to just get on and do what I need/want to do with him breathing down my neck asking what I’m doing! Hey ho!

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