How regular schedules can help your mood

I suppose you and I have a kind of unwritten deal, don’t we?

I’ll write these little posts every other day, and send them to you.

You in turn will read them.

Maybe think about their underlying meaning, too.

Not every post gets read by everyone, of course.

But I know a lot do.


I reckon it’s pretty important to have ‘anchoring’ events in your day-to-day life, particularly if you can be prone to the kind of ups and downs of mood that a lot of us contend with.

It’s probably helpful to have small events and behaviours on which you can depend.

Stuff you do every day, regardless of the way you feel, that give your day structure and support—a kind of ‘scaffolding’ if you like.

So if you’ll be here the day after tomorrow, so will I.

6 thoughts on “How regular schedules can help your mood

  1. Thanks Jon. I always read your posts and, although I’m no longer depressed, there’s always something meaningful in what you say.

    I thought it’s about time I thanked you for your always uplifting words.

    Seasons greetings to you and long may Moodnudges continue. You made a difference to my life and I’m sure you have for others too.

  2. Hello, Jon. What a difference you make to me too. Until recently I’d generally been buoyant through the ups and downs of life but this year has been challenging and discovering Moodnudges a few months ago has really helped. When people say “you must be so worried” it’s hard not to take a nosedive and that’s when I appreciate your thoughts most.
    So thank you for every email you send, I never fail to read them and they really do change my day for the better.
    And I’ll echo Alicia’s season’s greetings to you and everyone on board.

  3. Thanks Jon,

    Did need this today. Do read your posts every day and yes, today just reading about ‘scaffolding’ hit a chord. So thank you. Do enjoy the festive season and I will be reading your posts all the time, for my perk up, find this time of year hard, my adult son passed away in December 5 years ago and it is hard to try and have fun – even tho that is what he would want – but it will pass , and I will get through.

  4. Jon, although I don’t send in comments, I look for your Moodnudges and have gone on to get your book. I DO look at them as a happy, uplifting, and essential part of the morning routine so that even though I don’t write, I (and I suspect many many others) silently appreciate all that you do to make the day brighter!
    Thank you!

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