Relive magic moments by sharing them

As Alex and I were walking home the other evening we were delighted to come across the amazing sight of a mother racoon and four of her offspring sticking their heads up out of a storm drain at the side of the road. I think they were gearing up to head out for a spot of foraging. Now I know that many in the USA view racoons as pests but I was completely enchanted, having never seen anything like this. We (and they) were in a pretty built-up area, as well.

The experience definitely left me with a spring in my step which hadn’t been there before, and sharing it with you now feels good too.

Even on the shabbiest of days you’re likely to enjoy occasional momentary pleasures, but they can so easily slip through your fingers without giving you the boost that they might.

But one way of maximising their impact is to do as I just have: tell someone else about them, replaying and savouring the moment in as much detail as you can.

Look for opportunities to try this today. If you let them, some things will delight you, so let that happen. Then share the details with someone who wasn’t there at the time.

Tell the story in rich colour and it should be like re-watching a favourite movie.

4 thoughts on “Relive magic moments by sharing them

  1. Yes, yes, Jon, this is so true. Each day I walk my dog and am always looking out for the kingfisher at the river …when he’s there I message my friends and it feels so exciting to have seen him and then to pass the message on! If I happen across other people out there, I tell them too so hopefully they get to glimpse him whizzing by too!

  2. Totally Agree. In fact, as a writer, even while I am experiencing the magic moment I am thinking of the words that bring bring it to life for others and making a mental note of all the senses that are involved so that I can later put my readers right there with me. and of course, as I write, it all comes back to me as well. What a bonus!

    Excellent stuff. Thank you.

  3. Share the joy, the excitement, yes, whether it’s the frog in our allotment (vegetable garden) or the helicopter being transported on a lorry that we saw today – wow, how often do you see that!

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