Remember people you’re grateful for

Gosh, I really don’t know how to tell you this. You’d better brace yourself for bad news. It’s all about Academy Awards, you see. That’s right, the Oscars.

The thing is, and I’m deeply sorry to be the bearer of sad tidings, the chances of you (yes, you) winning an Oscar are cigarette-paperly slim. Ignoring the rather obvious fact that you’d first need to be an actor or movie production person of considerable renown (and, well, maybe you’re not), the population of the world divided by the number of awards given in an average lifetime suggests that the odds of you getting your moment at the podium are around one in seven million. That’s around the same odds of a couple having naturally conceived quadruplets.

Not too likely, I’d wager, and very unfair, but then life is all too often like this.

However, just because you probably won’t find yourself on a stage in Hollywood, shouldn’t stop you wondering about what you might say in your acceptance speech. Some stars have gone for the unconventional approach, such as Marlon Brando choosing to send a Native American woman in his place, but most take the time-honoured ‘I’d like to thank…’ approach, running through a list of people who helped make that particular person a success.

Here’s the thing, though. My guess is that we all have people for whom we can be grateful. We all have people we’re lucky to have in our lives. I know I do, and I’m sure you do too.

And since it’s always easier to fret about people who’ve treated you badly than it is to recognise those who’ve supported, boosted or encouraged you, there’s a lot to be said for running an imaginary video of your Oscar thank-you speech in your mind; especially just as you’re dropping off to sleep for the night.

But don’t just stop at the person’s name. In addition, why not try to come up with a few specific reasons for your gratitude? You’re grateful for them, but how and why?

When you go to bed thinking positive thoughts such as these, you’re not only likely to wake up in a better frame of mind, but it’s also often the case that you’ll to get a better night’s sleep.

Possibly even a few dreams of winning best supporting actor.

One thought on “Remember people you’re grateful for

  1. When I reflect and give myself time to wonder, I’ve probably learned a lot about myself, others and life from interactions that have been unpleasant and challenging! Of course it is good to be reminded to be grateful and maybe take time to thank those who have been supportive too! Thank you for writing your mood nudges -I’m grateful for encountering you Jon!

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