How to get out of the right side of bed

Apparently the Romans believed it unlucky to get out of the left side of the bed, which is where the idea of someone ‘getting out of the wrong side of bed’ originated. As a Roman, you always did your best to get out of the right side.

Actually, the Romans had a big thing in general about left being, well, not right. In fact the Latin adjective ‘sinister’ originally meant ‘left’, but by the Classical Latin period it had also taken on the meanings of ‘unlucky’ or ‘evil’.


Perhaps you’ve had the experience yourself of feeling grumpy for no particular reason upon waking up in the morning, ? I know I have. It’s neither pleasant nor helpful, is it? But maybe it’s just unavoidable.

One useful nugget of learning from it, though, is that your mind can indeed set a course for the day in such a way that much of what follows gets cast in a particular light.

And if this kind of self-fulfilling prophecy works for misery, couldn’t it also perhaps be harnessed to build yourself a better day? You know, I think it can.

Quite simply, telling yourself that you’ll try to view the events of your day positively may actually help things turn out for the better.

So at the risk of sounding a touch eccentric, looking yourself in the eye in the bathroom mirror in the morning and saying out loud ‘Today is going to be a good day,’ or more modestly, ‘Today is going to be a better day,’ can actually work.

You may only have limited influence over what happens in your life, but a more controllable factor is how you choose to react to it.

So if you’d like a more positive day, simply take a more positive approach. You can choose to do this.

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  1. It’s taken me ages to get the hang of this but I now understand that it absolutely is my choice to be happy or not and not up to someone else. Reflecting on my many blessings and feeling grateful helps 🙂

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