The roast lamb theory of happiness.

As a kid, lunch on Sunday was a cornerstone of our week.

Always a roast of some kind, with all the vegetables.

And a pudding (and how I miss that word, living in the USA now), usually with custard (and cream).

I can vividly recall the delicious smells drifting through the house in the morning, even the radio programmes that used to be on.

Now, I’m afraid I’ve very much got out of the habit of eating a lunch like this on a Sunday.

There can be something incredibly comforting and warming about this almost ritualistic meal.

I don’t think the feelgood factor associated with it is only restricted to food, though.

You can almost certainly experience it via any of your senses: listening to a nostalgic piece of music; watching a film that brings back memories; or even better, phoning an old friend.

For a sublime pick-me-up, why not plan to do something this week that will transport you back to another – perhaps happier – time?

One thought on “The roast lamb theory of happiness.

  1. I was so happy to read this post!!
    I was in Edmonton recently helping my son and his wife move with their two year old. As he will be there several years while doing his medical internship- I spent some of my free time exploring the city on foot – getting a feel for it and scouting out places they might like and things to do in the city with a two year old !
    On my travels I stumbled upon several little Jems! A found a coffee shop whith a big book shelf and comfy chairs which took me back to the old style bakeries my mom would take us too after shooting for a cup of tea and a sweet! I a so found an amazing candy store with all sorts of British candy as well as candy I remembers as a kid- wax lips, rockets, Necco wafers and a lot of others ! I did purchase a few things even though I don’t have the same sweet tooth I used to have!!
    Although I had a difficult childhood (long story) book and sweets are special reminders of my youth that I can still enjoy today!!
    once again – thanks for these posts – they are always thoughtful and much appreciated!!

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