Small goals for rough days

‘A goal properly set is halfway reached.’

This is what the American author, motivational speaker and splendidly-named Zig Ziglar said, and I reckon it’s a pretty decent way to set about things.


What if you’re going through a shabby patch though? Goals probably just seem like impossible dreams at a time like this.

Perhaps, however, that’s because we confuse the big goals and the small, knowing there’s no way for us to meet madly ambitious targets so therefore abandoning all hope of achieving anything at all.

If your mood’s low you’re unlikely to move mountains.

But this doesn’t mean that you couldn’t shift a mole hill, and the feeling of re-locating ANYTHING on days like these can give you a good sense of achievement.

The trick, if there is one, may be to set yourself just a few (even one) small, short-term, realistic goals. Even doing the dishes.

Then give yourself a reward. Do the dishes, then watch TV perhaps.

Don’t forget that, as Mr Ziglar said, simply deciding you’re going to do it means you’re halfway there.

2 thoughts on “Small goals for rough days

  1. A great reminder Jon, in shabbier days it is difficult enough to get out of bed and walk the dog, but because he is there, wagging his tail, I have to go…thank goodness for him!
    Thanks Jon.

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