Schedule small moments of happiness today.

Although it could be wonderful to wake up every morning knowing you were going to be extremely happy, perhaps you’d be better off adopting a more realistic mindset?

Better, perhaps, to hope for one or two moments of small happiness rather than sixteen hours of ecstasy (actually that sounds exhausting, anyway).

Remember, too, that happiness is in the eye of the beholder, and I’m sure you know what makes you happy. So whether it’s walking a dog, laughing with a child, baking a cake, tramping through the undergrowth, weeding the garden, or watching a favourite TV show, why not put it on today’s agenda?

6 thoughts on “Schedule small moments of happiness today.

  1. Thanks for the article. I encourage people to do the One Minute Smilence – this means taking a minute out of our busy schedule each day to firstly think happy thoughts, think about thinks you are grateful for right now in your life, and then smile because you are alive, and once heir is life their is hope. You can then also in the morning do a dance as you say ” wake up I feel happy boom, boom, I feel like dancing around boom boom, now I am dancing like no one’s watching boom boom” finish off with a big shout of WOOHOO…

  2. My problem is, I don’t actually know what makes me happy (despite turning 50 this year which, you would think, would give me something of an insight by now). I do have a better idea of what makes me unhappy, and can strive to avoid these situations (although I don’t always achieve it). Often happiness is fleeting (as you suggest in your post) and can seem almost unrelated to what is going on around us. However, perhaps more of a reflection on that happy moment, will throw up some answers….

  3. I love this suggestion and it links with something that happened yesterday the details of which I cannot recall. What I do remember is laughing out loud at something and thinking how good I feel when I laugh. The effect of that has carried over to today, Wonderful! Thanks Jon

  4. What made me happy today was taking part in the big climate change march. Watching the children who skipped beside us and holding up a banner I believed in

  5. Yes agree completely. Our daughter left for university yesterday and today had the potential for me to be a bit lost. I decided at the last minute to volunteer for local beach clean up-had some exercise, sunshine and contact with new people. Like Hazel said above – also for something I felt strongly about. Those 2 hours helped more than I imagined.

  6. Maybe my expectations of how I want to feel when I wake each day are unrealistic. Your blog has made me think about this in a new light. Interesting and thank you Jon for this.

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