Getting a second opinion on priorities can help.

Do you sometimes find it difficult to prioritise things?

I know I do.

There’s always so much more to do than there is time to do it in, and even making a very comprehensive list doesn’t always help.

It can seem even worse when you see the length of it, knowing that there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

But I think that getting someone else’s perspective can help a lot, especially when they know you pretty well.

That’s what happened the other day, talking with a friend.

After I’d taken him through my ginormous To-Do list (not something to boast about really) his view was that it would be best to prioritise on the things that are ‘getting to me’ the most.

It gave me a much better sense of what should come first.

It’s probably pretty much the same for you.

You’ll know you can’t do everything.

But rather than ending up doing nothing (a common reaction to having too much on your plate) step back for a minute to ask yourself which of these demands are getting to you the most.

And preferably do so in conversation with someone else.

Tackle those things first.

The chances are that you’ll then feel strong enough to knock off some of the others too.

2 thoughts on “Getting a second opinion on priorities can help.

  1. I love the photo that accompanies this post-!
    Sometimes when I do have too much to do I too make lists which always makes or feel more manageable ! I will often try and complete the tasks that I like least first – that why I can stop dreading them! I like the idea of talking to someone else about my list as everyone perspective is different and they may see an easier way to eliminate or combine them! I too don’t like to be boasting about how busy I am but sometimes life is busier than I would like!
    Thanks for another great post!

  2. I like the photo too! Purdy colours!
    I also try and get the most hated tasks done first then I feel so much better when they are completed and can ‘relax’ into the other jobs and feel better within!
    Speaking of which….I must get on with the ironing 😉

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