Are you ready for a Self-Reflection Sunday?

I used to love the fact that Sundays were different, but in many ways they’re now just like every other day.


As a kid, most shops didn’t open on Sunday, with the exception of the newsagent (I was a paperboy).

For a few of my formative years, there was some degree of church, either with Sunday school or monthly church parades with the Scouts, both of which would probably sound quaintly Victorian to a present day teenager.

(Honestly, I might be getting on a bit, but I’m not ancient.)


Then there was Sunday lunch – a proper big meal in the middle of the day, nearly always a roast of some kind, usually with the radio playing something like “Two–Way Family Favourites”.

Don’t ask.

However, young as I was, I also think of Sundays in those days as involving at least some element of self-reflection, which was probably good for me.

What had happened in the preceding week? What did the coming one hold in store? How was I doing?

With this in mind, and it is indeed Sunday after all, maybe you’ll allow me a few minutes to take stock on how things are going with the book project.

“Nudge Your Way to Happiness” is ever closer to being on sale, although the final tweaks and polishes are inevitably taking a little longer than anticipated.

The manuscript is edited and typeset.

The cover is close, but still needs a few adjustments.

And it’s surprising how long it takes to put together what’s known as the “front matter” and “back matter”: title page, copyright page, table of contents, acknowledgements, appendices, etc etc.

My brother Geoff is now back in London after ten days of giving me invaluable support with the project in California, and still helping from afar.

And hopefully it really won’t be too many more days before I’m able to send two PDF files to the publisher – one for the cover, another for the insides – which is how it’s done these days.

So that’s me taking stock this Sunday.

Now, how about you doing the same?

7 thoughts on “Are you ready for a Self-Reflection Sunday?

  1. My self reflection Sunday is about my mother in law struggling to leave this earthly life – it has been a long week of waiting and watching her sleeping peacefully pain free but definitely not ready to leave. This could be depressing but it has brought a greater understanding of what we cannot control in this life. She will leave when she is ready. It has been privilege to be with her and will make her departure easier to bear.

    Thank you Jon for your messages and hope the book is published soon. With best wishes, Virginia

  2. Sunday is most definitely the day when I reflect on what’s been and what might/will be. Last few years have seen major changes and later this year I AM MAKING ANOTHER – key being I am choosing- it’s not fate nor bad luck. Today though I am going for one of those roasts – it is after all Mother’s Day!

  3. I’m seeing my Mum today with my daughter, being Mother’s Day. But yesterday a close friend of mine of 40 years, since we were 11, lost her Mum. So I’m feeling very reflective today. I’m sad but so grateful she was in my life.

    1. Oh dear – my mum passed away 33 years ago on the Saturday before Mother’s Day ….. Hugs to your friend and you – enjoy the time today with your mum

  4. Hi Jon, agree with you that Sundays feel like every other day now, which is definitely a shame. Sundays gave you real down time to reflect as you said with family. I too sometimes had Sunday school or Girls Brigade and Sunday Parades! Then home for a nice roast dinner. Sundays now arent as calm, having to catch up on weekly stuff etc etc. I saw my mum yesterday as she had injured her knee and needed help with things. Today, mothers day I will be washing/ironing/cooking and my husband will be back soon from a short trip and my two sons will no doubt do their own thing (adults still at home mind) I may be lucky and get a card , we”ll see!

  5. You’ve sparked some Sunday radio memories for me Jon with mentioning ‘Family Favourites.’ My Sundays were similar to yours, as a child, with church then a roast dinner and listening to the radio.

    Later in the afternoon there used to be a programme called ‘Sing something simple’ in the UK, which always sounded very dreary to me so would disappear to finish my homework or read a book as I found it profoundly depressing!

    Hope today that Mums everywhere do get some thanks for all they do-seen and unseen. I still get a sharp pang when I see the Mother’s day cards in the shops as my mum died 18 years ago and not a day goes past when I don’t think about her.

    I’m not a mum but do try hard to be a good Aunty instead!

    1. I too remember parades which I enjoyed as a girl guide. I’ve continued with Sunday being a reflective day as I attend Quaker meetings . I Don’t believe in God anymore but that doesn’t seem to matter and I enjoy the quiet reflective time. I stopped believing when my mum died and it was a difficult transition but we are a little community and I’m part of it. Love is what matters and people.

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