Send your love

More often than not, knowing that someone’s thinking of you results in a warm feeling.

But it works in reverse too.

Letting others know that they’re in your thoughts can also make you feel good yourself.

Not so long ago you’d have needed to do this via a phone call, or perhaps with a greetings card stamped and mailed.

Now, however, it’s ridiculously easy, economical and speedy to send an electronic message.

An email.

A text message.

A tweet or a Facebook message.

How long would it take you today to send a very simple ‘Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you’ to three friends or relatives you’ve not been in touch with for a while?

Not long, I’m thinking.

So how about it?

Make their day.

And yours.

4 thoughts on “Send your love

  1. You must have been reading my thoughts! I did this very thing on Saturday.

    I rang a friend of my late mother in law, just to see how she is doing and to let her know I’ve been thinking about her. It’s been three years since MIL died, but I’m sure she is missed by her lovely friends.

    And you’re right…I felt good for having reached out to her and she was pleased I had telephoned. Win-win!

  2. I agree Jon – a text or email is a start but I think it is good to follow up with or even start with a phone call if possible . I am currently having a particularly hard time in my life and frankly quite disappointed that no one has actually picked up the phone to ask me how things are. One or two texts have in fact irritated me more because it feels very superficial and easy for people to back away.

  3. Hello Jon, as today is my sixth Moodscope-versary I just wanted to say thanks for all you do. Moodscope and Moodnudges have kept me on the straight and narrow for all this time and Moodscope brought me back from the brink in the early days. Not sure where I would have turned to for help otherwise. Thank you.

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