Set goals even if they’re tiny

The feeling when your team scores a goal is exhilarating, and it also feels good to achieve some kind of personal goal. So wouldn’t it be great if you could benefit from a degree of happiness and satisfaction like this when you’re having a rough time?

Seems difficult though, doesn’t it? If your mood’s low, the very idea of goals will seem remote.

There’s a trick that often works, however. Aim to take the very smallest, tiniest action that will take you nearer to your goal.

Need a vacation? Get out the calendar and think about a suitable date. Want to learn something new? Buy a book or reserve it at the library. Housework to do? Wash one dish.

Reaching a goal is like climbing a ladder. It’s generally sensible to begin on the lowest rung.

5 thoughts on “Set goals even if they’re tiny

  1. This is so true. My mood is low at the moment. Cleaning one window made such a difference. I am looking on my morning shower as a goal achieved. And trying to be mindful, in the moment.

  2. This inspired me to take a small step forward instead of setting myself unrealistic goals ‘sort life’ has been removed from my to do list !

    1. Yes this has been such helpful advice for me. I read about this idea in one of your earlier blogs . I use this idea when my motivation is low for my job search or going for a walk etc. It has been really helpful thanks heaps

  3. This is a great idea. When I’m low I find myself unable to focus and the days just drift by with no real aims or goals – so now I use a daily planner (I found them on a website called The Household Planner and used the customized planner). It helps me think about my targets for each day – many of them normal household tasks such as what is for dinner – but ticking off my achievements at the end of the day rather than feeling that I’ve just wasted it walking around in circles has really helped. xx

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