Shake things up a bit today.

All too easily routines can turn into ruts.

Do the same thing, in the same way, every day, and you’ll perhaps make your chores easier to manage.

But it also risks making life boring.

The trouble is, our routines tend to tackled without thinking.

We do them, well, routinely.

So today’s as good a day as any to kick over the traces, to change the way you operate a little – even if it’s for one day only.

If you travel a regular route, go a different way.

— Who knows what you’ll see?

If you listen to a regular radio programme, tweak the dial.

— Who knows what you’ll hear?

If you eat a regular lunch, sample an alternative.

— Who knows what you might enjoy?

Life is interesting when it comes in different flavours.

Why not try a different recipe today?

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