Slow. Down.

Have you noticed that some people take a perverse pleasure in telling you how busy they are all the time?

Perhaps it’s a sign of our insecure economic times that they feel the need to be seen as Very Busy, but although bursts of intense activity can be OK there’s a lot to be said for not over-pushing yourself.

In fact it’s often the case that the more you try to squeeze in, the less you actually get done.

So are you giving yourself enough ‘spare’ time each day?

Are you actually giving yourself any?

If you like to drive your life with a schedule there’s a lot to be said for planning down-time, periods when you’re not going to be frantically trying to clear your To-Do list.

This is not to say you’ll be nothing then, but perhaps you can occupy this time with the things that make life good.

Stop and chat to someone.

Have a coffee.

Walk round the block.

Above all, let go of the need to fill every second of every day.

Life’s for living.

Live it today.

2 thoughts on “Slow. Down.

  1. Hi
    The ever fast paced world we live in makes life unbearable for many of us.
    We must learn the difference between ‘doing’ and ‘being’ and to surrender sometimes and not feel the pressure to always be busy, busy, busy . Learn too, to say no and allow ourselves to breathe, literally. Make some time in the day , even ten, fifteen minutes to stop and ‘be’

  2. Another good post! It still seems to be the favourite response when you ask someone how they are doing- “oh I’m so busy”! We place so much value on busy – for some I think not being busy is frightening- like we have no value.
    Thanks for this reminder!

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