Small achievable goals make all the difference on a gloomy day

‘Life,’ sang John Lennon in his 1980 song Beautiful Boy, ‘is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.’

I reckon this works on so many levels.

It’s all too easy to forget the importance of today while you focus instead on the ifs and maybes of tomorrow. And of course, when John Lennon was a member of that popular little group The Beatles a decade or so earlier, they’d reminded us that ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’.


Plans and goals are good. But they’re not so helpful if your mood and energy levels are significantly lower than the expectations you place on yourself.

There could indeed be days when someone wakes up with the aim of changing the world, then goes on to do so by bedtime. But it’s probably not terribly realistic to expect this to happen very often, if at all.

Perhaps when you’re feeling less than fully charged, it’s better to have just one or two tightly defined (and easy to achieve) goals for your day, and when you’ve accomplished them, call it a day.

Hopefully of course, there may be other times when you make huge leaps forward.

But please cut yourself some slack on days when the mood’s running low.

7 thoughts on “Small achievable goals make all the difference on a gloomy day

  1. Today is one of those days that I am so grateful to have moodnudges. I woke feeling pretty low and im doing all I can to fight it. You have reminded me I don’t have to ‘do it all’ today. That might just make the difference to how I feel the rest of the day. Thank you.

  2. I think you are right to have limited small goals and I suggest to go one further and plan a reward or treat too.

    I try to plan one thing each day that I know I will enjoy- even small things like going out to have a coffee or having a break at home for 15 minutes with a book or magazine.

  3. Just want you guys to know how much your regular emails help me on my journey through life. Things have been much easier for me since I started reading them. Please keep them coming. Where are you based? I’d love to know more about your organisation. From David in Hove in the UK.

    1. Glad to hear the posts are hitting the spot David. We’re based in the San Francisco Bay Area now, although I’m originally from the UK and have only fairly recently transplanted myself in the USA.

  4. Re. your photo, where’s Ringo ? He did manage to sing in tune -more or less – once or
    twice. He was always “my favourite ! “.

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