Recovery is almost always a series of small steps.

OK, let’s suppose you’re having a bad day – a really bad day – and out of the blue someone tells you a joke, or you see something funny online or on TV.

You laugh.

Does this change your underlying mood?

Is everything suddenly fine and dandy again?

No, of course it isn’t.

But yes, perhaps it is a little.

If you’ve been eating a poor diet for too long, one raw carrot probably isn’t suddenly going to improve your health.


But multiply this effect into several days of food that’s better for you, and things will unquestionably improve.

The trick, I think, is in not turning your back on that small first chink of light in the mistaken assumption that nothing (NOTHING) will help.

Building a better state of mind is hardly ever the result of one large intervention, but a gradual process building on a range of different inputs.

A laugh here, a hug there, little conversations everywhere.

So the next time you’re mired in the glums, don’t dismiss that involuntary chuckle as meaningless.

It, and other perhaps tiny slices of positivity, are what will gather to lift you back to where you belong.

2 thoughts on “Recovery is almost always a series of small steps.

  1. I like what you say, especially the phrase “A laugh here, a hug there, little conversations everywhere” . So true to aid recovery. Thanks once more, Jon. You are so good.

  2. Jon I agree wholeheartedly that recovery is a series of small steps. When I’m very depressed I can only cope with small steps. I have a WRAP plan which is basically a series of small steps which I have written down as prompts to remind me of what helps my mental and physical health. Bigger steps would be too overwhelming but the small steps cumulatively help me to recover.
    Healing thoughts Lesley-Anne

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