Get someone else’s perspective

Imagine this. I ask you to close your eyes, then open them again after I’ve placed an object immediately in front of you.

As you focus on it, you see a white square whose sides are roughly a metre long.

That’s it. A white square.

Now I ask someone else to stand a couple of metres to your right, and you ask them what they see.

‘No problem,’ they say, ‘it’s a white cube.’

Aha. From where you’re standing it’s a square. But from where they are, it has depth. It’s something else altogether.

You and I have our own views of the world. We see things through the filters of our experiences and sometimes (I have to confess) our prejudices and misjudgements.

And this is never more so than when it comes to trying to solve some giant problem or challenge.

We see things as we think they are, convincing ourselves that our way is the only way.

To discover the real truth, though, perhaps nothing beats learning from the view of someone who’s close, but just that little bit further away from it all than we are.

One thought on “Get someone else’s perspective

  1. This is so true, Jon. Very often it applies to what we think of ourselves rather than judgements about someone or something else. I am very critical of myself and don’t believe in myself as much as others seem to believe in me. If things are going wrong, I usually think its because I have done something wrong…it couldn’t possibly be someone else or something else to blame. Others don’t seem to have that characteristic – I am learning not to do it, but it seems to have been ‘programmed in’ to me!

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