How to tell someone they make you happy

Who makes you happy? Today is the perfect opportunity to let them know.

The United Nations, no less, has declared March 20th International Day of Happiness. And to mark it we’re honored to be partnering with our amazing friends Action for Happiness to give you a neat way of sending free eCards to the people who brighten your life, each and every day.

The day’s theme this year is: “Your happiness is part of something bigger” and is all about the importance of our connections with others – particularly at a time when loneliness and isolation are reaching epidemic proportions.


As Action for Happiness explains: “We’re encouraging people everywhere to reach out and make positive connections with others on the day – both online and also in the real world.”

Learn more about today’s International Day of Happiness.

But I’d also like to encourage you to take real positive action today. We’ve set up a special page on our site, so you can make an immediate connection now with the people who are important to you.

I’m not going to write more. Your time is precious. Why not use a little of it right now to reach out to some people who mean a lot to you?

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