What’s the ‘something bigger’ that you’re part of?

The average ant has a tough life. She (most are female) spends her life hard at work with little reward.

The thing is though, the majority of ants live in colonies with millions of others. More often than not they’re part of something bigger. Each has its role to play and although some must necessarily be expendable (hard to avoid those pesky humans and their big old hob-nailed boots) the life of the colony depends on the labours of the many.


We hob-nailed booted humans may consider ourselves superior to the tiny ant, but there are distinct similarities.

We may sometimes forget, however, that we’re all part of something bigger – the human race – and in fact there’s a great deal to be said for doing what we can to reinforce this sense of belonging.

When your mood is low, it’s easy to isolate yourself, to see yourself as disconnected from just about everything else.

For some, organised religion can form that bigger thing, but it could just as easily be your family, your community, your friends.

Ants don’t need to put much time into remembering what they’re part of, but as a human there’s no harm in doing so from time to time.

So what’s your equivalent of the colony?

3 thoughts on “What’s the ‘something bigger’ that you’re part of?

  1. I’ve only recently found your website and Twitter page and everything I’ve read I’ve found really interesting.

    My equivalent of the colony is my Church. We’re only a small Church so we know each other better than in some of the bigger Churches. I also have my family. So I am well blessed.

  2. ….sorry re. the “s” falling off the line – there are several groups one can join, mainly for general discussion about Poetry – though also CRITIC FORUMS, to assist with ones own

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