Why it can be important to speak up for yourself.

It’s neither the time nor place to go into all the whys and wherefores, but I heard the story of a man who’d been summarily dismissed from his job, despite a spotless history with the company until that point, simply because he’d not reported a minor accident he’d had at work.

Nobody was hurt.

Nothing was damaged.

His instant dismissal was simply down to not having followed rules about reporting things.

Now he’s a very kind, affable and nice man – and I have to tell you that he was utterly mortified by the experience.

I think we all would have been, in similar circumstances.

And the tendency in such circumstances is to be horribly upset, and to curl up into your shell.

Or alternatively to become completely furious with the person or organisation who slighted you.

Except that he didn’t.

He wrote a very polite letter of appeal, and two weeks later he got his job back.

In my mind this doesn’t make what the employer did excusable, but it was a hugely better outcome than might otherwise have transpired.

You’ll have knocks and setbacks in life, always.

Although you’ll need to simply accept some of them, others may warrant something more assertive from you.

It’s not always easy to stand up for yourself, especially if you’re not feeling great.

But it’s always right.

3 thoughts on “Why it can be important to speak up for yourself.

  1. Standing up for myself has been something I struggle with. How to do so, when, will it have the desired outcome. In an appropriate way, advocating for yourself is empowering and appropriate.

  2. I could not have requested a more suitable post today … I am having some issues with my employer and I continually struggle to ensure that I focus on the positives in my life and that I handle things calmly, positively and professionally.

    Thanks !!!

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