Spell it all out when you express gratitude.

As children we were all taught to say please and thank you, and there’s little doubt that a little civility goes a long way in life.

Although I try my best to do my bit in this respect, I still sometimes forget the powerful reinforcement that can be added to a simple thank you when it’s coupled with some words of explanation.

For instance I could simply say to you, ‘Thanks for reading this post.’

But mightn’t it be better to go a little further?

How about, ‘Thanks for reading this post, and for taking time out of your busy day to think about it. Knowing you’ve done this gives me a warm feeling that my work here has all been in a good cause.’?

It’s better when it’s more spelt out, isn’t it?


Giving to someone else is an excellent fast-track way to feel good yourself, and of course there are plenty of different ways to give.

And saying thank you is a nice easy one.

Expressing gratitude and putting it in context can go even further.

So what do you think?

Is today a good one to give thanks?

3 thoughts on “Spell it all out when you express gratitude.

  1. A salutary reminder and especially for organisations under pressure where often people who are doing a good job don’t get acknowledged as it is assumed they know they are doing a good job.

  2. Hi Jon, as I lie on a beach soaking up the sun, I’m appreciating your words and want to thank YOU, for all your wisdom and kindness in delivering your nudges to my inbox. I hope your having a good day and can feel the positive vibes winging their way to you. Best wishes always. Julie.

  3. Never forget your “please” and “Thank you”s. They always are and should remain important to us all. It shows respect for one another as well as gratitude for a kind word or gesture.
    There really isn’t enough of this behaviour these days!
    (Gosh! I sound old!)

    Keep up the excellent posts Jon! Great Stuff!
    Thank you!

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