Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

If you or I needed to move a large and heavy piece of furniture, you probably wouldn’t attempt to struggle with it on your own.

In fact it’s often the case that you need to lift something that’s so heavy that it would be physically impossible to do so alone.

What do you do?

You look around and find someone who’ll lend a hand.

If they’re not in the immediate vicinity you’ve no option but to wait until they are.

This is so obvious that you may wonder why I’m even writing about it.

Let me tell you.

The thing is, what’s true for physical weight is every bit as true for mental burdens.

As you go through life there are some things that it’s perfectly reasonable to deal with yourself.

But every now and then it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to face something which is beyond your capacity.

That’s when it makes enormous sense to ask for help.

Of course it might be that you feel there’s nobody around you who could provide it.

But, you know, that’s nearly always not the case.

Even if it has to be someone you don’t know terribly well.

When you’ve too much on your plate, stop and think.

There will be someone who can help and you’ll almost certainly give them a warm glow just by asking them.

Just as you shouldn’t try to lift a wardrobe on your own, don’t struggle alone when things are weighing heavily on your mind.

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