Surrender to what is

What you resist, persists.

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I didn’t write a post last week because I had a bit of a mood wobble. I was fighting with the parts of myself that I thought other people didn’t like, and also fighting with the injustice of things happening that were outside of my control.

But then I saw these words in a magazine: What you resist, persists.

A light went on. I realized that I am me, whether or not people like all parts of me. I am enough, acceptable and lovable just as I am.

And there will always be some folks out there who decide to take their bad mood out on me, so if I just accept that and move on with my life as best I can, then their actions don’t affect me quite as much.

I can still see the sun shining with my own eyes, even when people try to tell me there’s a cloud. And if there is indeed a cloud, it will soon pass, whether or not I fight it.

My mood is much higher now, and surrendering has perhaps paradoxically made me feel stronger than ever, so I wanted to share this insight with you in case it’s helpful to your day today.

As further inspiration, here is a quote from author Marianne Williamson:

Something amazing happens when we surrender and just love.
We melt into another world, a realm of power already within us.
The world changes when we change.
The world softens when we soften.
The world loves us when we choose to love the world.

14 thoughts on “Surrender to what is

  1. I am so sorry you felt low Alex. But accepting yourself and loving what you represent and are as a person is something we should all do. It’s usually other people who make us doubt ourselves. I love the poem. There is a book I love which I think you might enjoy. It’s called The Yellow World by a Spanish author; I will send you the details in a minute. XX

  2. The Yellow World by Albert Espinosa. This is the book I think you will enjoy reading Alex. (You can dip into it and always find something good to read)

  3. I love this blog, I think it’s something we all struggle with. Something I heard recently was that whoever we are and whatever we do, we will upset or disappoint someone, make sure you upset and disappoint the right people.

  4. DROPSS, is the acronym our Mindfulness teacher uses and I find it fantastically powerful. It stands for Don’t Resist or Push, Soften & Smile. I use it in any situation that I perceive as adversity or negative, and it works for me. Am smiling now!

    1. Thanks, Jackie, I like that acronym. It makes me think of the power of a single drop of water being repeated again and again.
      Glad you are feeling better now, Alex 🙂

  5. Hi Alex. Glad you are feeling better. Your post is resonating with me as I handle a particularly difficult person at work. I’m trying to feel compassion for the insecurity that leads to her bullying behaviour but I keep getting stuck in my anger and frustration. A sunny day helps.

  6. Thanks everyone, such great ideas to explore! Yellow world, DROPSS, awesome. It reminds me of another little phrase that helps me in dealing with people taking out their things on me: “It’s not about you.” 🙂

  7. Glad the mood is more respectable for you now Alex. When I was going through a rough patch a Psychologist said to me ‘it will pass’ and although I wasn’t convinced at the time – it did – and experience has taught me it always will.

    As quote swapping seems to be the order of the day here’s another one I like that might be relevant to how you felt.

    ‘Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.’

    -Eleanor Roosevelt-

  8. Alex–I’m glad that you shook off the black cloud and found the sun just waiting for you. No matter how many times you need it, that sun is just waiting for you.
    Kind of comforting, isn’t it, to know that the sun is just waiting for you–no matter what you call the sun–he just waits.
    And he’s always there.
    I don’t know what your beliefs are, but, surely there is something shining for you, under or behind those clouds. And it can have any name you want.

    Now we don’t any more of this missing of your responsibilities! Just teasing.

    Marilu Wood

    please don’t take the time to answer.

  9. Thank you . Your writings always make me stop and think and often resonate with how I’m feeling that day too. Your honesty is helping others in ways that you will probably never even realise.

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