Take a break, take a detour.

Maybe it’s a metaphor for life. I remember when I was back in the UK that almost every morning I would walk down the same stretch of road on my way from home to the coffee shop where I liked to start my day’s work.

Then one day a stretch of pavement had been taped off by the police. My nosiness got the better of me the morning after, so I took a slightly different route that would take me by whatever it was they’d been investigating.


It turns out that there was nothing to see, dashing my chances of a new career as a crime correspondent, but much more interesting was the new route itself which took me down a footpath along the side of a playing field, running parallel to the way I usually go.

I was only a few yards – literally – from where I would usually have been, but for a few precious minutes I was in a green place. Grass, trees, birds singing.

I don’t think it was just my imagination: it felt as though my heart-rate noticeably slowed.

I felt momentarily calmer.

When we talk about the power of getting out in nature in terms of its benefits on wellbeing, it’s easy to assume this could only be possible with a full day’s hike in the countryside.

Fortunately it can be a lot easier and more accessible than this.

Just a few minutes in a garden or park can do the trick. Even, at a pinch, opening the window.

If you’re feeling a little blue, just think green.

2 thoughts on “Take a break, take a detour.

  1. I do find this to be very true for me especially with water. If I go by a fountain, stream or waterfall I do feel my body loosen up. The ocean for sure gives me a sense of peace but is about an hours drive. So if I can pass a water object it certainly makes my day.

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