Why it’s great to take notice

Whether it’s along a corridor, across a car park, or down a street, next time you’re walking somewhere, try and be conscious of where your gaze is directed.

You could be surprised. We may believe that we’re properly looking around us, yet often our focus is on a notional spot somewhere between the long-distance and the immediately in front of us.

In fact we’re not really consciously looking at anything, but are instead probably thinking about stuff we have to do, conversations we’ve just had, or simply life’s general hassles.

I bet you didn’t do this when you were a kid though.


If there was a caterpillar to be seen, you’d spot it. If a woman with an unusual hair-do hove into view, you’d remark on it (probably a bit too loudly). If a dog was barking, you’d hear it.

Somehow as we get older we stop taking notice of simple things, and this is a pity because being aware of them can lead to little moments of joy.

As a child there were probably times when you were giddy from drinking in fresh sights, sounds and smells.

How about trying to recapture these sensations today if you’re out and about?

(Perhaps keep your thoughts to yourself, however, if the woman with the green hair is accompanied by a large gentleman with tattoos.)

7 thoughts on “Why it’s great to take notice

  1. Three song thrushes, a few robins, swans, geese and many types of dog….beautiful blossom on the trees and bushes and bright green leaves…along with a sparkly blue lake and sky…so much to notice today…even the cobwebs in the corner of the kitchen!! So I’m throwing the windows open and letting the fresh spring air in….so exciting……..and breathe!!!!! Thanks Jon, it is great to notice all the beautiful things around us.

    1. What a beautiful description Karen. You make me feel as though I’m there experiencing it myself. Throw open those windows!

  2. Brilliant! That’s exactly what I’m doing when I take people walking tomorrow on my Business re-Boot course tomorrow 🙂 Hopefully by taking notice and connecting with what’s around them they will open up their creative mind and great things will then happen….
    In the meantime, its how I will deal with my nerves before running the course!

  3. i always pride myself on being a ‘good spotter’ but only apply it when I’m being driven in the car!! I need to start doing it all the time!

  4. Brilliant! My therapist started me doing this last year so I’d change my focus from my disability. So far today I’ve seen a pair of swans, noticed some unusual cloud formations and also how much the trees are now coming into leaf. Also kids playing football. I take it a step further and right then down so I can remind my self about them.

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