Today. Take the first step of a momentous journey.

Perhaps you dream of writing a book.

Maybe you imagine yourself learning to play a musical instrument, taking up a new career, or even starting a new relationship?

What are you going to do, one day?

The thing is, these probably sound like gigantic projects.

Perhaps they feel nice but impossible.

The kind of mission you might contemplate on a good day, but on a bad day… well, no.

Forget it.

And this is unfortunate.


If the days are dark and despairing, having a goal such as this could be just what you need, but when life has dealt you a poor hand it’s hard to find enough enthusiasm to work out what you’re going to have for breakfast, let alone to embark on some kind of life-changing journey.

Dreaming of beginning something, but believing you can’t, is frustrating.

Imagining it but dismissing it might even make you feel even worse than you were before.

Is there a solution then?

You know, I think there might just be.

What’s the smallest chunk of your dream that you could bite off right now?


I’m thinking about fifteen minutes, no more.

In fact, definitely only fifteen minutes: you must absolutely stop after a quarter of an hour.

You’ll only achieve a tiny amount.

Perhaps you’ll find an exercise book, write ‘My Book’ on its cover and ‘Chapter 1’ on its first blank page.

Maybe you’ll use Google to find someone nearby who teaches the ukulele (you never know, it might be your thing).

Alternatively, you could invest your precious minutes in phoning a friend who knows more about the new career you dream of.

Or (steady now) check out an online dating site, evening class or local walking group.

You might not believe you’ve done much, but in fact you’ve taken a huge step: the first step, always the hardest.

And miraculously your goal is no longer a dream, but something on which you’re actively working.

Have a go.

And please do let me know when your book comes out.

3 thoughts on “Today. Take the first step of a momentous journey.

  1. Jon, I actually plan to write a kids book (another one!!). As I am still in full-time employment, it will have to wait but it is not off the radar.

    Something else I have encountered that is a great help to me: Quick rap up::
    Lost husband of 40yrs, 7 years ago. Had new relationship that just folded after 5yrs. I have recently been delving into MEET UP groups……your emails were a part of the encouragement. Needless to say these groups are a lifesaver, but one has to jump over ones own shadow. It is not easy just going there and saying. Hey I am new!!
    Maybe you can use this info in future.

  2. I started a blog to make my friends laugh “howtotrainteenagers”. Clearly an impossible but very funny task.
    I also started a book….and am advancing very slowly. I need to be relaxed to write so it will be ready in several light years from now.
    My story is actually about starting to write. I started my book. This strangely enough gave me confidence to write a blog at work and get involved in a club….because of joining the club and blog I met lots of new people and ended up organising a record breaking cake sale for charity..that got me in our company newsletter…that got me involved in several other work activities…and now it’s hard to get off the freight train….
    One thing certainly leads to another…so pit your best foot forward and start.

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