To learn is to know, to teach is to understand

A 1999 book listed 85 ways to knot a tie.

A website called Endless Simmer pictures 100 ways to cook an egg.

And according to Paul Simon there were fifty ways to leave your lover.


We live in a world rich with things to learn, and a computer with an internet connection makes it easier than ever to uncover whatever may tickle your intellectual fancy.

New learning lubricates your grey matter, not literally of course, but it helps to keep your cognitive functions firing on all cylinders in much the same way that regular physical activity boosts your body.

As you acquire new knowledge, share it with others.

Teaching somebody is a fine way to consolidate your own learning, plus you get to make a social connection, as well as doing something for someone else: a triple whammy as a matter of fact, as long as they’re either a fan of the same things as you, or are prepared to humour you.

Keep learning new things.

Today and every day.

3 thoughts on “To learn is to know, to teach is to understand

  1. Thank you for this Jon; I find it spot on. I belong to a brain training site and find it very useful. I try to use it daily, when I am very down it helps a lot to divert my circular thoughts away, into other cognitive areas. It’s fun as well.

  2. My teenage son recognises this and tries to teach me physics maths and chemistry
    Love the boy but my brain goes numb he might as well be speaking Ancient Greek

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