That spiky feeling in your shoe

I’ve been missing from Moodnudges for a couple of weeks, but all is well. I’ve just been a bit preoccupied with other things.

Sorry for the absence, although I promise I won’t be upset if you welcomed the break from one more thing to read.

To get us back on track, I’ve recorded a swift two-minute update I hope you’ll enjoy.

It was inspired by me taking out the trash the other night with socks, but no shoes, on.

What an image, eh?

Anyway, let me tell you more:

4 thoughts on “That spiky feeling in your shoe

  1. A nice perspective Jon, and one I haven’t really considered before. Instead os fretting about all the boxes I haven’t yet unpacked since our house move, I’ll use that emotion to get me started unpacking them! Thank you 🙂

  2. Good to hear from you, Jon. I’ve been ambushed by autumn negativity (light fading) and will likewise do my best to use it to get me started again.

  3. I also agree that this is a great way to look at things and, in fact, any such irritation or marker should be used as a platform to change and getting things done before they escalate.
    On a more serious note, just this last weekend my mother ended up in hospital with an infection that was a pre-cursor to sepsis. We had started to think there were issues of dementia on the very near horizon but, no, by reacting to a raised temperature and other more sudden changes in personality she was given high dose IV antibios and she is like a new woman.
    Looking after ourselves and noticing changes in others too is so important to everyone’s mental health and wellbeing. The crucial thing is acting upon it. As the inspirational Mel Robbin’s would say ‘5, 4 ,3 ,2 ,1…do it’

  4. The ongoing synchronicity of your posts continues to both amaze and slightly terrify me, Jon. Earlier this morning, I misjudged my foot placement on the bottom step of the staircase. And as with you and the redwood encounter, I, too, was only wearing socks. My right foot slipped off the edge, and I landed full weight on my curled over toes. The throbbing of my middle digits and the slight blue tinge most likely indicate breakage, a regular occurrence during my youth of dancing and gymnastics. And I wouldn’t be currently experiencing this had I been wearing shoes. So much for hiking the trails at Spirit Rock this weekend.

    I could sit here, pissed off at being hijacked once again by poor proprioception, effectively altering my weekend plans. But when I think about a writing task I’ve been putting off that needs to be completed by month’s end, I realize that sitting at my computer instead of walking away from it better serves me at this time. While I’m not particularly pleased with the dull throbbing ache that remains, I’m forced to admit that b!tch slaps from the Universe are often the only communication that’s able to get through. Yeah, yeah. It sucks to be me.

    (BTW, you should do more of the SoundCloud posts. Very pleasant voice.)

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