That’s the SPIRIT

Over the past six weeks, you and I have been fellow travellers on a journey through the key dimensions that underpin psychological well-being.

Thank you for your company, and for sharing your sandwiches.

Very tasty.

Psychological well-being, you may recall, is all about making the most of your life.

Our route took in six landmarks whose names spell out the word SPIRIT, prompted by you and our splendid fellow Moodnudges readers.

Just as all good travellers deserve a souvenir from their trip, I thought you might welcome a summary of what we’ve learned.

So I’ve assembled a little printable chart that you may feel deserves a place on the door of your fridge, or your bathroom wall.

I didn’t attach it to the emailed version of this post, as my previous attempts at emailing attachments over the past few weeks resulted in an awful lot of email services automatically unsubscribing the intended recipients.

Believe you me, I was sad to see them go, but I’ve learned my lesson.

Here’s a link to a PDF version.

In a less attractively designed form, I’ll also include the text-only content below.

You’ll see that it’s written in the form of “affirmations”: little phrases you can say to yourself whenever you feel as though you might need some positive direction.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed our journey together.

Now, I think we should both kick off our boots, and take a much deserved rest.

That download link again:

Please feel very free to share the chart with other special people.

And here’s a text-only version (each subhead links back to the post about that particular dimension).


+ I aim to keep a positive attitude towards myself, being happy with who I am.

+ I recognise and accept that there are multiple sides to me, and that these inevitably include both good and bad qualities.

+ It’s my choice to feel mainly positive about my past life.


+ There’s a sense of direction to my life, and I have clear goals.

+ My life, both present and past, has meaning.

+ I hold personal beliefs that help to give my life purpose.

+ My daily life is structured around aims and objectives.


+ Whenever appropriate, I determine my own direction in life, independently.

+ Social pressures don’t sway my thoughts and actions.

+ Self-control enables me to regulate my behaviours.

+ I don’t make judgements by comparing myself to others.


+ I try to enjoy managing everyday life, feeling a sense of achievement.

+ If things go wrong, I’m generally able to adapt and adjust.

+ I like spotting opportunities and making the most of them.

+ I feel a certain sense of control over the world immediately around me.


+ I work hard at maintaining warm, satisfying relationships with others, and am concerned about their welfare.

+ I enjoy feeling close to people, and empathetic.

+ I appeciate that all human relationships involve a degree of give and take, and compromises.


+ My life is always developing, and I’m continually growing and expanding.

+ I’m always open to new experiences.

+ I believe I’m realising my potential, and understanding more about myself every day.

2 thoughts on “That’s the SPIRIT

  1. No only useful, this is also so attractive that it makes you want to read it. I’ve shared with key people in my workplace – we are becoming much better now at ‘all this stuff’.

    Thank you – yet again.

  2. Great news, Mary. Thanks for spreading the word – yet again.

    I love that this was literally only written and designed yesterday morning at this same desk at Stanford University, and it’s already making its way out into the world.

    Sometimes, you have to love the speeded-up pace of life. Not always, but definitely sometimes.

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