The 60 minute timer strategy.

You’ve got too much to do.

We all have too much to do.

But you only have one life.

Only so much time to fit in everything you believe you’re supposed to do.

I often struggle with this myself.

The amount on my To-Do list is never-ending.

If I could work 24-hour days for the next year, I still wouldn’t have ticked everything off.

Sometimes I let this get to me.

But most of the time I think it helps to ignore those nagging worries about The List, and simply to get on with living in the moment, getting done what I can today, and knowing that tomorrow’s another day – another chance to tackle another batch of stuff.

I can’t always block out the big picture worries for long, but putting in an hour at a time seems to work.

I’m sure it seems odd, but one of my most useful pieces of kit is a kitchen timer.

It’s ticking away in front of me right now in fact.

I’ve given myself sixty minutes to do some writing, and have a target of what I need to get done before it emits its plaintive little alert.

You’ve got too much to do.

You won’t get it all done today.

So give yourself a target and block out a shortish chunk of time.

You’ll probably surprise yourself when you achieve more than you think you would.

As I just have.

There goes the ping.

2 thoughts on “The 60 minute timer strategy.

  1. I sceptically tried this when you mentioned it some time ago. I use my phone timer and was surprised to find it is a really helpful tool. I find that before I set the timer it makes me think more carefully about the task and realistically what I’ll be able to get done in the hour.

    I also make myself get up and walk about when it goes off as I get very stiff sitting for long periods so it helps my work and my body. Great advice, thanks Jon.

  2. A ticking timer would be like a ‘ticking time bomb’ and waiting for it to explode would just add to my stress, however, I do like the idea of breaking things down in to smaller pieces. Smaller things are generally easier to deal with whether it’s a challenge, problem or time.
    A thought that I have is, if you enjoy what you do then it all seems to work out somehow? Maybe the question is, are you enjoying what you are desperately trying to get completed? If so, then its not an issue, but if not……..? maybe it’s time for a change!

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