The dam opened on Wednesday

Knock me down with a feather. I couldn’t believe the flood of helpful and generous comments that came in via the blog after my post on Wednesday about what, if anything, I might do about refreshing what we (you and I) do here at Moodnudges.

Thank you SO much.

There was definitely a lot of “don’t stop, don’t stop,” as well as a good-sized slice of “why not experiment with different formats?”.

However I also truly appreciated several comments about finding something that seems to work for me. I think I need to continue being motivated to write for my own satisfaction, even though I’m hugely powered by knowing that my simple words seem to have a positive effect on people.

So I’m going to have a serious ponder over the next few weeks, and will unquestionably keep you in the loop.


Meantime, you might be intrigued to hear that sunny California is still cold and wet. But when I met with my early morning coffee friends yesterday, the talk was all about how great it is that this parched place is getting a much-needed soaking.

Being British, there’s a tendency for me to grumble about the weather. It’s what we do, right?

Very nice, though, to get a practical demonstration that situations are often actually what you make of them.

One person’s downpour is another person’s irrigation.

Perhaps you can use this kind of thinking yourself today?

7 thoughts on “The dam opened on Wednesday

  1. Hi Jon,I didn’t get time to comment on Wednesday but I agree please don’t stop with your moodnudges, I so appreciate what you do and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    1. I love your posts too…..i am amazed at how timely they are for me personally. Staying open and not being afraid to be vulnerable is key for healing. Thank you!

  2. Dear Jon
    Just to add to the many responses to your New Year email, I too have followed your writings since the Moodscope days and feel the frequency and length are just about right. Daily is too much, too long becomes too arduous! I love the anecdotes, the humour and the “lightness” for want of a better word. No heavy intellectualising or obscure references. You are an excellent and engaging writer, your marketing experience shines through, and in a good way. Perhaps the odd video may work for me and occasional link to an interesting piece of work you’ve found helpful. Belated Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Jon, happy new year to you

    I too didnt manage to comment on Wednesday, but I would echo what many others have said.
    The first thing I do on waking is to read your ‘nudge’ and what you have to say.
    Your observations and take on everyday life are very interesting, comforting and thought provoking, they really are very helpful to me and obviously many others.

    Whatever way you wish to continue evolving your ‘nudges’ I will look forward to reading/watching/listening with great enthusiasm.

    Thank you so much Jon for all you do for all of us! Long may it continue .

  4. Dear Jon, ooooh dear – finally me too I get the chance to write to you.

    Indeed, back in Moodscope Day, the “online-business” felt somehow less crowded. As a matter fact I even created a special folder in my email account to save and reread your messages.

    Dear Jon, your way on looking on this ever changing world and more important on my ever changing mind has been and still is very helpful and inspiring. As a matter fact I even created a performance for 7 Actors – only goal was to untangle a 700 meter long rope – in stillness… I think the text you send based on a experience your wife had by untangeling a knot of wool.

    So also to your wife many thanks and I hope you keep going with moodnudges.

    Peace and happiness for you and your family…

    Tamara – now a days living in Berlin. I took moodscope / moodnudges from Amsterdam too San Francisco and Oakland and now in Berlin still enjoying your posts



  5. I have followed you and been hugely supported by you for several years now Jon, and always look forward to your posts. I often wonder how you keep doing it, but I am hugely grateful that you do.

  6. Jon,
    Greetings from the UK.
    Your posts are amazing . They are so clearly worded in everyday language that we can all relate to them Basically you connect with your readers and that is a gift granted to you that we can all be grateful for. Please nurture it and help so many people as you do so.
    I did not respond to your request the other day due to an Internet issue on my PC, no surprise there! However I ask you to continue your healing posts although I can imagine how time consuming it can be for you.
    My suggestion would be that to allow you to have some time free to do other things, even to be kind to yourself, perhaps a post every three days would be easier for you. This would be enough I think to maintain the contact and positive difference you have made in so many people’s lives whilst giving you more time to do stuff you need to do.
    I am not sure video would be a good idea because from personal experience I know how this can be so time consuming to get it right. However it might be a good idea to sometimes send a recorded sound version of your posts, not all, just some for variety. This might well bring an interesting new dimension to the experience for you too. And hearing someone who is so familiar by the written word would engender a new level of involvement between you and us, your keen readers.
    Whatever you decide, good luck and please remember that you will never know how many people have cause to thank you for the way your posts have brought comfort and healing into their lives. Best wishes for 2017 and way beyond!

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