Think like an ad executive today. Who you are, what you do, and why that matters.

When starting to work on a new brief in my ad agency days it was generally sensible to conduct an analysis of ‘features, functions and benefits’.


Well in simple terms they’re defined as:

(a) What is it?

(b) What does it do?

(c) Why would someone want it?


An demonstration, if you were advertising a cellphone, could be its caller display feature.

It’s a feature, so that’s (a) taken care of.

What does this do? Well it shows the identity of the person who’s calling before you answer the phone, and that’s (b).

As for (c), the benefits could depend on your situation. You might for example use it to avoid unwanted or unknown calls. Or it may enable you to ensure you pick up if the call is from someone important. If you’re otherwise engaged, you could put your phone on silent but keep an eye on calls, either to return them later or, if you believe they may be urgent, to excuse yourself and answer them immediately.

I wonder if you can apply similar thinking to the various roles you play in life?

It’s often said that it’s good to know your true purpose, and I’m sure that – if you can – this tends to improve your overall emotional wellbeing.

So let’s suppose you’re someone’s son or daughter.

That’s (a).

How about your functions and benefits then?

What’s your (b) and (c)?

What do you do?

Why would someone want that?

I’ll leave it with you, may I?

One thought on “Think like an ad executive today. Who you are, what you do, and why that matters.

  1. Brilliant food for thought. Thank you Jon. Why is it always good to have three options? It might be three quotes from an estate agent (that’s realtor to you…), three estimates on cost for a refurbishment or three opinions from a doctor. Go well.

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